One Thing I’m Excited For

February Challenge
Day 30

One Thing I’m Excited For



I know it’s the end of March and I still haven’t finished the February writing challenge yet. I failed: epicly and miserably. But I’m not the one who gives up. I had valid reasons to be absent for so long, but let’s not waste more time.

One thing I’m excited about is this blog. From today the challenge is  over; I can concentrate on writing about social stuff, and some other creative writing ideas that I initially intended when I started this blog. I think we all had enough of about me, and it is high time we talk about stuff that really matters and can learn something (in a fun way of course).

Thank you everyone who has been in this incredible journey with me. I have received tons of feedbacks, love and support from you and I wish to be recieveing them more. Thank you for bearing with my unamusing humor, self-centered posts and lack thereof. Thank you.

Until next time,
Shripa x



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