Five Weird Things I Like

February Challenge
Day 29

Five Weird Things I Like

You know that uncomfortable moment, when you are really weird and extroverted but people take it as if you’re a confident person, but you’re barely making through without feeling like you’re embarrassing yourself just by existing in the first place?

Nope? Just me?

Oh well!

Also, this is going to be a short one because I think I’ve already established what a major weirdo I am.


Numero Uno) Smell of Gasoline

I love the smell of petrol/ gasoline. I don’t remember me not liking the smell in the first place. I don’t know why I love it, but I do.

Bonus: Smell of closed store rooms in the basement. They have those distinct spicy smell and I love it.


Numero Dos) Writing

Usually, people find writing as a chore, a compulsion or a homework that they really don’t want to do. But for me, it’s a way I can express myself. It’s such a warm feeling to see my emotions and thought being transferred into words.


Numero Tres) Imagining Stuff:

I do this really often. I am a writer here and on Wattpad and I love to imagine scenarios that can happen in my books in future. I imagine fictional and real circumstances; about how a conversation would go if a certain cute person starts talking to me when I return home from bus, or if I meet my school crush on the way, or if a werewolf showed up one evening and claim that I’m his mate… it gets crazier, trust me.


Numero Cuatro) Habits

I’m talking about those weird/small habits people have but they’re never aware of. Let’s say, saying a word very often or pronouncing certain things in a particular way, having their tea in a specific manner, or doing the exact thing right before they sleep. I’m really aware of these small little habits people have around me, and I do think that it makes them special.

Bonus: Unconsciously, I develop the same habits as the people around me do.


Numero Cinco: Recitation

Whether it be writing a blog, a chapter, a poem, a speech or even a chat, I tend to vocally recite them aloud as soon as I finish writing them. I just love to see and check whether or not the tone I am using while writing is in accordance to the tone that I want to use to express it. I love to see what the words I write sounds like and whether or not it can be relatable to actual human-talking-behavior.


These were few of my weird habits that I do enjoy and love.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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