Somewhere I’d Like To Move Or Visit

February Challenge
Day 28

Somewhere I’d Like To Move Or Visit

Travelling is undoubtedly a very intriguing subject, and I would love to travel to different places. It will serve as a chance to get to know people of different places well and have new and exciting experiences.

However, I’m not a nomadic kind of person.

Travelling for me is something similar to eating.

Let me explain.

I love to experiment with different kinds of food but the end of the day, I will not feel good unless I’ve eaten rice and curry and pulse, you know, the typical Nepali food. Similarly, I love travelling but at some point, I want to return to particular place I call home, which will undoubtedly give me ground and warmth.

Saying that, a place that I would like to move to would be LA or New York. Having a home at LA or even a small apartment in New York has always been my dream. I know, LA and New York are in an opposite spectrum with so many differences, but equally beautiful places. I see LA as a part of Kathmandu which is a land of opportunity, love and warmth. I see New York as an upgraded version of Kathmandu; fast paced, modern and chaotic. If there’s a place that combines these two cities (except Kathmandu), then that would be IT for me.

I would love to visit Venice. Ever since I saw a photo of Venice in the internet-sphere one day and learnt that it was surrounded by water bodies, and the architecture so goddamn beautiful, I wanted to go there. Another place would be London because of the royal family.


In Nepal however, Muktinath is place that I would regret not going before I die. It’s a place northern part of the Himalayas whereas every other parts of my country is on the northern part of the Himalayas. It has always been hidden behind the Himalayas. I saw a picture of Muktinath when I was a little kid on a calendar and I recall it to be very beautiful. I just really wanna go there and maybe stay there for a week or two and come home and feel like going there again.


In fictional world, I would like to go Hogwarts and then kind of visit Westeros and the seven kingdoms, maybe stay in the Neverlands for a while, and then… I-I can’t remember any places right now.

So, that’s all I guess?

Until next time,
Shripa x


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