Two In One

According to the challenge, I should be writing about something that I’m currently worried about but since the only thing I’m worried about is my current education scenario which I’ve already tacked with my earlier blog, “My fears”, I didn’t want to repeat myself. So I’m just gonna skip that and move on to the next one.

February Challenge
Day 26

Things That I Like And Dislike About Myself


I don’t have a fixed stance or prejudice for anything. I take the opinion of both sides while making a decision, while working with the group; I take everyone’s view in account. This applies to when I am making a certain decision about a cast topic such as feminism, homosexuality, anti-Semitism or any sort as such. I don’t rush into making a certain opinion about a particular topic without at least discussing it with someone who have exact opposite view of mine, this leads me to create some sort of balance and see the grey areas of different topic. I do this because i believe in improvement with collaboration. Every opinion, every view is accountable to create something that is more knowledgeable and fair. I like this feature about me because not only does this makes me more open towards learning new things but also makes me more tolerant about people that I don’t necessarily agree to.


I let people take shit on me (not literally); I keep up with them and their assholes-ness. Along with that I am a thick-skinned person who is not easy to offend, I don’t keep grudges and I forgive easily. Even if I am mad or angry or even upset and hurt, I come back around after I cool off. I hate me being so soft because I don’t like being taken for granted. And all of these features add up to creating a human who is easily taken for granted. This sucks, majorly. It makes me feel as if I cannot stand up for myself and make me feel like a less or weak of a human, which I don’t want to be. I’m trying to change some of these qualities.

Let’s see where these qualities will take me,

Until next time,
Shripa x


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