Something That I Miss

February Challenge
Day 23

Something That I Miss

Something that I miss would definitely have to be my school; Paragon. It is a place that I grew up and literally spent a decade of my life. I spent 10 years of my life from childhood to my teen years within the same boundary, with the same people learning new things every day. I had teachers who loved and cared for me as if I was their own child and I had friends with whom I made most intimate and deep friendship than I have ever made elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, Paragon was a horrible place. It was one of the strictest school in the town. Girls were not allowed to talk with boys and vice versa even if it was a coeducational school. The rules regarding our appearances was really silly because it was unnecessary. I’m not even talking about simple school rules. Paragon was and still is very harsh about the rules regarding appearances. Girls had to wear skirts that cover their knees with thigh length socks whereas guys had to wear pants covering their ankles and the diameter of the leg opening were standard for all the students according to their class. Both guys and girls were expected to have there have half shirts covering their elbows and their trousers and skirts 4 inches above their navels. Skirts, pants, sweaters and socks should be grey in color and your shoes should always be black. Girls should have their hair tied in two neat plaits above the ear so that the plaits dangles in front of the ears. The hairstyle wasn’t just uncomfortable it made us look like donkeys. Guys had to cut their hair really short and if they have it long, maybe more than 2 inches they had to cut the hair in school itself. We had strict rules about homework and checking our notebooks. Any language except English was not allowed. No extracurricular activities were encouraged nothing except studies, appearance and discipline.

But times were simple back then.

Because all that you care about whether or not your hair was in place or about the length of your skirt and pants. All that we worried about was the long lines to the washroom and getting more pieces of chicken in the dining hall. All that we stressed about was lunch cards, homework and speaking English. The most dreadful thing was standing in the Assembly ground under the canopy of scorching sun and cursive handwriting. Our super powers included detecting the principal with her perfume smell and pretending with the teachers that we actually care about the class. Boasting about having most well decorated class was something memorable and the most exciting thing was going to the washroom when it was raining outside. Sharing food with our friends even though the rules says otherwise marked as rebels. Hanging tie lower than your first button with the collar of the shirt opened was the coolest thing ever. You know you were the badass because your normal seat in the bus was the last seat. The most fun was during the Cultural day. Last few days in the school was one of the most emotional days of your life.

Through Paragon I saw how strangers become friends and friends become family; how school becomes home and how the place once you hated the most becomes the safest place there is. Paragon is my home, my childhood, my safe zone.

There is nothing that I miss more than my school.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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