Five Words/Phrases That Makes Me Laugh

February Challenge
Day 24

Five Words/Phrases That Makes Me Laugh

God this is going to be so difficult because I do not have specific words or phrases that makes me laugh. Memes, videos and spending time with my weird ass best friends and family are all the things that makes me laugh. I can’t even think any phrases that could possibly make me laugh right now but I’m going to try really hard. Therefore, in this blog I would be writing anything that could possibly make me laugh. I’m sorry in advance if this isn’t your cup of tea.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1) Babbling, Bumbling Band of Baboons

After thinking hard for 15 minutes I have finally remembered how every time when I listen to this particular phrase I giggle like preteen has a crush on someone. This is such an epic phrase by professor McGonagall in the scene of preparation of Yule Ball in Harry Potter and it will always make me laugh.

2) Puns

I love puns and wordplays. Some people find it not funny but for me, puns are the best thing in the world and will always make me laugh. I just like clever use of words and it’s funny to me, somehow.


Nigahiga will be my Holy Grail source of awesome and funny puns.

3) Sarcasm and shades.

I love me some good sarcasm and shade thrown at someone (even at me) because I love it so much. Wittiness is amusing to me and it will never fail to give me in some good laugh.

Here are some videos of my favorite YouTuber IISuperwomanII being shady and funny:

4) Autocorrect fails

Autocorrect can be really frustrating and irritating at times but it is such an innocent and harmless mistake and happens unknowingly that it is really funny to me. I can literally spend hours laughing at autocorrect fails




5) Self-deprecating humor

I know I may sound like an ass saying this but self-deprecating humor is the best form of humor there is. It is usually completely harmless and is really dorky. I love making self-deprecating jokes as well as listening to self-deprecating jokes because it makes me feel less sad about myself and I can hide my pain behind the humor. Hahahahahaha ha ha… ha?



Until next time,
Shripa x


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