My Future Self

February Challenge
Day 21

How I Hope My Future Would Be Like


For this blog, I thought it would be cool to write a letter for my future self.

So, here it goes:


Dear Shripa after 10 years,

I hope you’re okay and I hope you’re happy.

I just finished watching 2 movies of Princess Diaries and I loved them. I hope the 3rd is coming out soon.

Wow, you’re 29! You’re old, girl. I hope you’re surrounding yourself with people that make you happy. I hope you’re talking to Mamu often. How is our brother? What about Dad? What about family? How about our school friends? Sayomi? Prase? Suichhya? I know you’re not in touch with Archana, I understand some people, no matter how much we want, won’t be there for us.

How about boyfriends? Oh my god, are you getting married? Have you fallen in love again? How is he? How are his eyes? Does he treat you well? Dump him if he doesn’t. Marry only the person that you love, okay?

It’s scary being 19 year old. I finished my college deadlines and such. I still have some work left. I have SATs results coming up. I hope you’re not like me: scared, doubtful and lonely. I hope you’re free and happy. I just want to see you happy. Have you got your psychology degree? I hope so. I really hope that you are using that degree for something useful. How is your office? Your car? Your house? How many books have you finished reading? How many books have you written? What about our blog?

Don’t let anyone think you’re not good enough okay? You’re enough for everything. Don’t let others validate you. Always protect your self-respect, dignity and ideals. If your boss or the place you’re working at is not that good, then try working it out with them. Stand up for yourself and your dreams.

I hope you work hard. I hope you still like chocolate.  I hope you’re tolerant. I hope you haven’t forgotten my spark of making friends and being approachable.

It is scary that whatever I am doing right now is going to affect you. I want to make you proud. I don’t want to disappoint you. I have big plans and dreams for you; for myself.

And I promise to work for them.

I love you and I’m proud of you.
19 year old Shripa.



I hope someday after 10 years, I would read this.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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