Five Items That I Lust After

February Challenge
Day 19

Five Items That I Lust After

This is such a confusing topic.

Lust definition is having sexual desire or physical attraction over someone. And the topic is literally telling me to write about items.

So, I am going to list few things I really do desire or physically is appealing to me as well as some things that are sexy to me.

Without further ado,

  1. Jawline:
    I don’t know what it is about a smooth sharp jawline that can cut glass, hell even diamonds and pierce through heart that makes me get all hot and bothered. I really don’t know how can I explain this besides saying, “If you have a good jawline, you’re sexy to me.”
  1. Fashion sense:
    I love a man who can dress. You cannot just walk into a formal event with some jeans and sneakers with an excuse that you’re a man and you need not to look put-together. Especially, with this stigma of men caring about how they look; breaking this stereotype with something as expressive as fashion is such a turn on. There have been numerous times when a properly dressed guy has had my head turned and he doesn’t even have to be commercially good looking.
  1. Books:
    Books are something I lust after. I can never have enough books. Show me your favorite books, give me book recommendations, gift me books, anything books makes me so happy. It’s something really pleasurable to lose myself in the world full of words and beautiful things.
  1. Instagram theme:
    I know it might sound so superficial and unimportant, but social media is where you can show and highlight your best features. A good Instagram theme does just that in more artistic way. It shows a personality and creativity that you can put. It pleasant to look at and it’s something that is inspiring and pleasant to me.My favorite Instagram accounts are:

    Instagram: connorfranta 
    Instagram: tonimahfud
    Instagram: raywotshrestha
    Instagram: avatarariana
    Instagram: xxbibek

    Instagram: milebola

*extensive thinking*

  1. Smoothness:
    There is something about smooth conversations, witty comebacks and healthy banter that is so desirable and sexy. Wordplay and the ability to use words properly is so hot. It doesn’t really have to be bonded within the borders of flirting; it can be when you’re in a debate or a public speaking. It could be even those cute splatter of awkward words and phrases that comes out! I just love words, I guess.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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