Something That I’m Proud Of

February Challenge
Day 17

Something That I’m Proud Of


There are actually two things that I’m really proud of.


The first and foremost thing… or should I say person that I’m proud of is my mother. My Mamu isn’t a really social justice warrior and hasn’t defied any social norms to make her a “great” person. But she’s a really damn awesome person.

First off, she’s full of paradoxes. She’s a really shy person but she’s also a really savage little woman and she literally sarcasms the fuck out of someone’s ass. She carries herself in a graceful and classy manner, except the few times when she falls and lands on the floor. Her makeup sucks, she applies too much blush and her eye shadow is terrible. But she is my greatest inspiration of fashion. When she was younger, everyone always tells me how she used to carry herself so elegantly. Her hair always neat, her nails always polished, her clothes always ironed and she walked with great poise on her high heels. She is such a beautiful person. She had tried crazy hairstyles and she carried off really well but never in her life had she had short hair. She could pull of pants, Kutras, saris, you name it! Little things make her worry so much so that she loses her sleep but I know her as a person of great will power and strength. When she was really sick and was paralyzed when I and brother were toddlers, she became healthier even though there were fewer chances. Although people always say that it’s our fate that brought made our mom healthier, but I believe that it was her will power to be and grow with her family that made her healthy.

She’s someone who knows that she has flaws and she admits to it. She knows her strength and weakness. She shares her problems with me; about how she’s feeling and makes me feel like I am important to her. She’s a great cook; the best cook in my family. She loves making food for people and love to watch someone enjoy their meal. She’s an educated woman with master’s degree and lived her life as an honorable person who pursuit her career and created respect for herself. She knows how and when to stand up for herself. And even though she was such held such a respectable position career wise, she was always humble and honest.

She’s a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law and every role she had to fulfill in her life. Every time I see other people, I always am thankful of how my mother raised me right and was there for me. Somehow, everything she says is right and better for me. Albeit, we do fight and disagree in some things, I do appreciate her existence in my life and every goofy moment, TV series and movies we share together.

I wouldn’t have any other woman than Rekha Shrestha as my mother and I’m so proud of her. I’m so proud everything she has done, her every flaws, every strength, every decision, every moment.

Plus, she swears too, so that’s a benefit.


The second this (yes, a thing) that I’m proud of is my scrapbook. I know it’s such a materialistic thing but I am really proud of how it turned out.

Most of you might have known about the major earthquake that happened in Nepal on April 25, 2015. It killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000 people. I live in Kathmandu, which was one of the worst affected areas of the earthquake. During this earthquake, my A-level college was closed for 3 months, give or take.

So, I decided to use this time to be creative and create something that was meaningful to me. It was also a sort of coping mechanism for me during the time of chaos. But nonetheless, I’m really proud of it.

It shows my 16th year of life which was a pretty important year considering I was graduating from my school to A-levels.

These are some of the pages from the scrapbook.

Sweet 16 because well, 16th year.
First few pages of cheesy introductions.
My school (Grade 1 to 10)
My college (A-levels)
My best friends.
My family.
More family pictures.
The end cover page.


So yeah, these were the things that I take pride into.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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