My Zodiac Sign And Personality

February Challenge
Day 15

My Zodiac Sign/ Horoscope And If I Think It Fits My Personality

I was born on the 5th of February 1998. So according the horoscope stuff, I am an Aquarius.

I do believe in horoscopes, I don’t know why but I respect astrology and horoscopes. I do believe that the way the stars are aligned can affect you in some sort of way but at the end of the day, what happens to you, your day or life in general, will solely depend upon what you make of it. Some people don’t believe in this stuff and that’s respectable too; horoscope isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, some like coffee and it’s perfectly fine as well.

Some of my personality or characters are really on point with respect to how an Aquarius should be, but I know that I am individual and unique person so generalizing my whole existence into a group which millions other are a part of, is plain stupid.

According to the Internet,

The main traits of an Aquarius are:

The signs to say whether or not they matches my personality and what they mean

[ √ : definitely]
[~ : maybe]
[× : nope]

  • Humanitarian √
  • Friendly √
  • Intellectual √
  • Witty √
  • Sarcastic √
  • Emotionally Detached √
  • Independent ~
  • Rebellious ~
  • Stubborn ~
  • Aloof √
  • Creative √
  • Listener √
  • Honest ~
  • Unpredictable √
  • Outspoken √
  • Shy ×
  • Quiet ×
  • Energetic √


I do consider myself a humanitarian; the idea of doing something for the betterment of the society is an intriguing and intimate subject for me. As an extrovert, I am friendly, outspoken and energetic. I love people in general and spending time with them, listening to what they have to say and having an intellectual conversation. Something that keeps my mind working is my source of motivation. I like using my brain and thinking about stuff, dreaming and imagining. My imagination is the source of my creativity. However, I don’t think that in any way I am shy and quiet. I mean I blush and get flustered sometimes and I am quiet when I am disappointed or angry and I am controlling myself. But I won’t use these words to describe me at all.

I think of sarcasm and wittiness as a synonym to art and cleverness. I love sarcasm almost as much as I love momos. I appreciate good comebacks from me as well as thrown at me.

I don’t know whether I am independent or not. I do find the concept of being independent really admirable. But being a social person, I don’t think I can survive by myself. I do challenge the beliefs and the orthodox values of the society and am constantly standing up against it. Does that make me rebellious? I do stand by my values and ideologies and I always stand up for the people who I love, but does that make me stubborn? I don’t know for sure. People have often associated me with “no care” attitude and I do seriously have hard time acting like I give a fuck about what others think of me. I am dishonest when I have to be, but I do admire genuineness the most.

I have a hard time being emotionally connected to people. It takes a lot of effort, for sure. I do come across as a friendly extroverted person, but there are countable people (aside from my family) whom I deeply care about. I do have intimacy and trust issues, and I can easily be detached from people (even the ones close to me).

Well, this has been an eye opener. I don’t think I have talked about my personality so much before. Seems like my horoscope does really tell something about me.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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