What I Wore Today

February Challenge
Day 14

What I Wore Today

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

So today, I went to college at 6 A.M. since classes start at 6:30. Then I came home at 10, ate lunch, watched some TV series with Mom, went bank and worked on my blog as well as college work till 2. My best friend came home at 2. We spent some time together and she brought me Kit Kat! Now, it’s almost 7 P.M., I am back at again with some blog stuff and college works. I still have some work to be done about the financial aid stuff and then I think I’ll have some dinner and go to sleep.

This is how my entire day went. Not normal at all, and really special. Never happened to me before.

Also, I saw some army horses and my favorite writer Noelle liked my two tweets, so this is the best Valentines gift ever!

Without further ado,

This is what I wore for going to the college as well as bank today:


  • Grey crochet shirt: gifted by my sister
  • Alphabet straight pants: gifted by my another sister
  • Glasses: Mom’s vintage 
  • Boots: from my local store (Koteshwor)
  • Accessories: gifted by my mom

This is what I wore the rest of the day:


  • Zebra sweatpants: Indrachowk
  • Grey T-shirt: borrowed from brother
  • Tea: mom made
  • Book: Outliers; the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell

I should be called by Vogue to work for them.

Until next time,
Shripa x


Update: Thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of support in the blog. I don’t why you guys like it, it’s literally shot on my balcony and my bedroom and most of the things I’m wearing are gifts and hand-me-downs. But I really do appreciate it; each and every one of you.


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