Five Guys Whom I Find Attractive

February Challenge
Day 12

Five Guys Whom I Find Attractive

Only five?! Five guys whom I find attractive? Are you for real February Challenge? Do you know how many guys I fangirl over and how many guys I stalk on Instagram? Do you know how many guys leave me breathless?

There are many, many, many, many attractive guys all over planet earth and it is a hard job to list only 5 of them! But I don’t want to waste any of your time so let’s get started. Shall we?

5 guys whom I find attractive:

1. Caleb Lockhart:

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know who Caleb Lockhart is. He is my favorite character from a book that I absolutely adore; Chasing Red. He is a cool, composed guy with emotional availability, flaws and insecurities. He is a warm person, a person who makes you feel like you’re being hugged just by existing. He is someone who admits to his mistakes, flaws and insecurities. He is capable of loving so much and forgiving and caring. This is what makes him so attractive.

2. Farkle Minkus:

I have recently finished the “Girl Meets World” TV series that aired on Disney Channel, and contrary to most fans of the show, I really find Farkle attractive, than the “hero” of the show; Lucas. He has a personality weirder than his name with a brain of a genius. He is so confident in being himself. He is so smart, funny, and loyal to his friends. The love for his friends is so touching. Moreover, he is not perfect; he has his insecurity and has been bullied. He is such a complex character and the only word that really defines him is “Farkle”. His uniqueness is so goddamn attractive. Look at his transformation! Also, Corey Fogelmanis plays him, so…

3. Dylan O’Brien:

You are lying if you say you don’t find this man attractive. His adorkable nature, his goofy side, his dimples, his sense of humor, his acting, his colorful personality, his wit, his smirk, his cute and sexy wink, his hair , his voice, his everything is so damn attractive. I mean I am getting all hot and bothered just writing about him. I could go hours just scrolling through photos of him and watching his gifs. He is so awkward and cute and dorky. His jaw, his brown cute eyes, his impeccable ability to suit everything he wears and character he plays. His smirk and his laughs. He is humble and wow. If he isn’t the definition of attractive, I don’t know what is.

4. Trevor Noah:

The first time I discovered Trevor Noah, all I could think was “This guy will be the death of me.” His accent, his sense of humor, his dimples, his wit, his little hoarse and cracked voice, his impressions, everything! The way he throws shade at people; the way he looks in a suit, phew! His ability to make everything he says so important is so admirable. He can grab people’s attention and he is so confident. His snarky remarks are extracted from the tears of Jesus. He can make me laugh so hard, he is so humble, so wise and really thick-skinned. He is such a beautiful, beautiful man.

5. Ma-

“ But Shripa, these are fictional characters and celebrities, what about real guys?”

What do you mean real guys? Fictional characters and celebrities are very real, thank you.


First and foremost, I go to an all girls’ college. I have recently graduated my A-levels and have been in little to no contact with anybody from there. The only friends I’ve really been in touch are my friends from my school and they are the ones I share beautiful platonic friendship, nothing more, nothing less.

(In our country, we have school from Nursery/Playgroup to Grade 10 and then grade 11 and 12 is considered to be +2 colleges. I had taken A-levels [Cambridge course] instead of +2 [national course]. So that is why I have had different friends in my A-levels and school.)

My free time goes watching movies and TV series with my mom. The only people I have seen for the last 2-3 months are my family and my friends from my current college. The college application for abroad, writing blog, reading books, completing notes from college, keeping up with fictional world, fangirling, instagraming and watching football (soccer) has my schedule all tied up.

My point is not to make an excuse. My point is to explain my inability to give the name of 5 ‘real guys’.

In fact, I am currently frowning upon the realization that I have no contact with “males whom I find attractive” for a long time. I mean, I am straight and I have seen some eye candies while walking down the street or travelling by bus, but it’s been a while I have genuinely been attracted to someone. The only guy-exposure I have is through pages and screens. I am not complaining about fictional guys though, I would NEVER complain about them. They’re my precious babies.

“Shripa, we just want to know the 5 real guys whom you find attractive; not about your pathetic excuse of how undesirable you are.”

Woah, chill down. I was just writing whatever came to my mind.

I don’t think I’ll be able to write down the names of 5 guys in my life that I find attractive, considering my present scenario. 5 guys are way too many. But what I can do is write about one.

5. Lord Voldemort:

No, not literally Lord Voldemort, but yes “he-who-must-not-be-named”. He is-was the guy that I genuinely liked and found attractive in a long time. He has-had… I got over him but he is alive so should I write in present tense or past?


Mr. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was a guy that I liked and found genuinely attractive in a very long time. One of the things that I really found attractive about him was his smile. God, his smile was so beautiful. It was like everything used to light up when I listened to his soft chuckle. He had an incredible sense of humor. He loved his family and his friends so much. He was a very respectable guy. I did really respect him, still do. He was wise, smart, witty and had the ability to make a good impression of himself to people he talked to. He had this wide range of knowledge about many topics. Everyday there was a new thing to learn about, new songs to be heard, and new habit of his that I noticed and that was really admirable. He was such an easy person to talk to; he knew how to make people feel special. He was vocal about his flaws and he was person who could be easily trusted. The sexiest thing about him was his efforts he used to make. He was… I dunno, nice?

So, that is all I guess.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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