My Family

February Challenge
Day 11

My Family


Family for me is bathroom fights and teasing moments. Family means knowing to keep an eye on the running water because you know your brother is going to forget about it again. Family means knowing who goes first to the bathroom because you know who is going to take longer. Family means giving particular food item to particular member because you know you hate it and she loves it. Family means knowing exactly how to annoy them. Family means synchronized karaoke moments in the car. Family means football rivalry and sexism discussion in the matter of minutes. Family means momo parties and teamwork while doing chores. Family means joint gifts. Family means knowing how to handle other person being difficult. Family means shared secrets and fights. Family means standing together no matter what. Family means “we” in everything. Family means knowing what they love. Family means knowing what they want. Family means care. Family means worry. Family means love. Family means no one gets left behind, and even if they do, ordering a take away pizza so they can eat at home while studying for their exams.

Even though I live with my mom, dad and brother in this moderate house in the joint of three different districts, I have always considered this humongous joint as my family. In my father’s side there are 23 members excluding me, mom, dad and Sulav (my brother) and on my mother’s side, there are 17 members excluding me, mom, dad and Sulav. So in total, I have 41 people whom I call my family.

“But Shripa, 23+17=40.”

Calm down, smarty pants. Who said only blood relations could be considered as family?

So, as you’ve already guessed, my family is huge. And I don’t call them family just because we are related. I know what family means. And I know that these people are my family.

Our one simple “family gathering” or a birthday celebration would be a mini party, both on my father’s side and mother’s side. But I love every single moment of that crazy chaotic mess we create when we all are together. Believe it or not, everyone has their certain position and if one is missing then somehow, it’s different. Every member has their specific aura that they bring and it is mesmerizing.

Together, like a puzzle we fit together and I think I really love that.

Until next time,
Shripa x



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