What I Ate Today

February Challenge
Day 8

What I Ate Today

Make Carbs Great Again

I know, I know it’s 9th of February but on my defense yesterday I did a shit ton of work and I had no courage whatsoever to open the laptop, let alone writing something. Today too I am dead tired but I couldn’t give myself so much liberty for a “challenge”.

So what did I eat on 8th February?

  • For breakfast: Chapati and scrambled eggs. I couldn’t have a photo because I was getting late for my classes
  • For lunch: Typical rice, curry, pulse, pickle and saag ( leaf based vegetable). I couldn’t have a photo too because I was really hungry and only remembered to click a photo after I had finished my lunch
  • For snacks: Fried noodles made by my best friend Suichhya. It was delicious, she’s a wonderful cook.
  • For dinner: I went to a wedding party and I ate rice, curry, pulse, pickle, chicken, saag, etc but I couldn’t because I *drumroll* forgot!

See, it’s not that interesting. So I thought maybe I could write about my 5 favorite restaurants and cafés (in no particular order):

  1. Bodhi Books and Bakes:
    Located at Maharjung, Bodhi Books and Bakes is a heaven for coffee lovers and bookworms. You can go there, in the peaceful café, read for hours and have delicious food. My favorites are salami sandwiches and fries hand chocolate muffin. It is slightly in the higher end, solely due to the service charge they take. But it’s a wonderful place for rejuvenating with books and quiet place. Not a good place for large gathering but you can surely have a wonderful time with your bestie.
  1. Roadhouse Café:
    Located at Pulchowk, Thamel, Jhamsikhel, Durbar Marg, etc; Roadhouse Café is the best place for pizza, hands down. 500 rupees average for a pizza is kind of expensive but their pizza is to die for! In my opinion, the quality they serve is quite reasonable for their price. The vibes are upbeat and the food is wonderful.
  1. Café Lava:
    I went to Café Lava today for having a date with myself and the place is beautiful. There is no service charge, and the place feels really warm. The coffee is amazing. I haven’t tried many dishes yet but I would love to discover more. This Lazimpat located café has surely given me a very good first impression.
  1. The Burger House And Crunchy Fried Chicken:
    My one of the go-to place with my friends, indeed. The quality of food, cheap price and wonderful vibe speaks for itself. I love the stick food from the Shankhamul located restaurant as well as the burgers. The lattes are good. The music they play gives so much comfort and the service is really homely.
  1. Himalayan Java:
    My favorite coffee place in the entire of Kathmandu! You can find Himalayan Java or as we call it; Java everywhere. It is in almost every mall in Kathmandu, serving their best coffee with cookies. There are options for take away coffee and you can have coffee there and there as well. I love Java. I love their Mocha, Oreo shake, Americano, Lattes, everything! The price is reasonable and the quality is brilliant.

These were my favorite ones in Kathmandu. Hope your stomach craved for some food reading this.

Until next time,
Shripa x

(P.S. All the pictures are taken from Instagram)


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