How Important I Think Education Is

February Challenge
Day 9

How Important I Think Education Is

I’m a firm believer that the first step of solving a problem is acknowledging that the problem exist in the first place.

Education; coincidentally happens to do just that!

In my opinion, education is very, if not the most important part of a human life. Humans are different from other living beings because of what is present between two ears; the brain. Anything that makes the brain run is important and fruitful.

Education is not just about knowing science, maths, English and subjects. It’s about willingness to learn new things and to be aware and knowledgeable regarding different issues. It’s about knowing stuff and acknowledging them. It’s about being smart and building consciousness regarding issues and the concept of righteousness.

And of course, education is also about having a good career.

Living in a developing country whose literacy rate is 57.4%, you will certainly get to know how important education is. It doesn’t just make your living standard high; it makes you think differently, logically and practically. Education makes you question things whether they are right or wrong. It makes question about the why and how of a certain situation. Education makes people see things.

In our country, there are many misconceptions and superstitious believes, which can only be cured through education. Many problems and social injustice could be solved simply by giving education. In our society, education is a privilege because not everyone can afford or get it. But one thing for sure, people are learning that somehow, education=better investment for the future. Somehow, people understand the importance of education.

There are countless stories of how school children walk over 20 kilometers just so that they can go to school. They cross bridges that are broken, walk the roads that are forgotten just so that they can learn. There are stories of women forming groups and challenging social norms so that they could know what lies inside the book. There are old people who are as curious as small children. These stories are inspirational for me and make me realize how important education really is.

Education is the mother of every possibility of humans. Scientists, teachers, doctors, artists, every profession is the result of education. Every scientific discovery, every cure, every social reformation, every political movement is the product of education.

What we have is because of education.

Only a fool would think education is not important. And that fool needs exactly education.

Stay in school kids.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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