Five Pet Peeves

February Challenge
Day 7

Five Pet Peeves

I can’t wait to rant about these so let’s straight get into it.

1. Horrible grammar:
Everyone has seen people who “tYpe liK Dizzzz”. I used to type like that when I was 13 or maybe 14 and I always make sure to delete every such posts when Facebook using “On this day” to constantly remind me how much of an embarrassment I was. I grew up from the phase thankfully but some never did. As a grammar lover who believes in not getting offended in petty things, it’s a struggle for me to not say out loud how stupid the person looks. I mean sometimes, you’re not really paying attention or simple accidental typos are understandable. But when people act as if they’re the coolest whilst using their horrible grammar, I can’t stand it!

Grammar is sexy, mature and poised, get that straight.

2. Walking slow:
I am a city girl. I love the hustle and fast paced live. Moreover I live in Kathmandu, which is the capital of my country, so naturally the population is hideous and the life is on the upswing! It drives me crazy and takes great deal of self tolerance to not groan out loud when you’re walking slowly in front of me. Get your game up! Walk faster! If you can’t, then leave the space for others to overtake you. It has been countless times when I’m rushing for something and there’s this group of teenage guys, putting hands over each other’s shoulders and blocking the whole pavement as if they own the place. I get the whole “brotherhood” deal but it’s a public space, people have places to go and it’s not a movie, big boy.

3. Public Transportation:
If I’d get a dollar for every time my mood is ruined by travelling in public transportation, I’d be a billionaire. I know you could be like, “Oh… but Shripa, drive your own vehicle.” I’m 19! I am not legally aged to drive a car. Cycle, bike, scooters, anything with two wheels and the sense of balance scares the shit out of me. I can’t drive! The only solution is public vehicles. There are NUMEROUS things that I hate about public vehicles but these are the worst of them:

  • Packed vehicles:
    If you live in Kathmandu for at least 1 week travelling through buses, microbuses, or any public vehicles in general, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And no, I am not calling out on those few people who have to stand because there is no place to sit. I’m calling out on every vehicle with no place to stand! You have to literally hang with the help of bars in the ceiling of the vehicles and also sometimes on the door of the vehicle.

    packed micro bus old bus park
    Source: Himalayan Times
  • Manspreading and womanspreading:
    Sometimes there isn’t enough leg space and you have to adjust your legs in a way, and that is understandable. But I’m talking about those people who have enough leg space but have to spread their legs, so far and wide with your one leg on America and the other on Japan with the capacity to hold the entire Pacific Ocean between your legs. I can’t stand the feeling of having my personal space occupied by a negligent person who’s too ignorant about his and/or her legs and how uncomfortable they’re making to people beside them.
  • Broken Traffic Law:
    I don’t even know why I am bothering to write about this even though literally no one in Kathmandu gives a shit about traffic laws and the only traffic law they care about is not drinking and driving. Changing the lane haphazardly while driving, overtaking nonchalantly, stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road to pick up a passenger, not stopping on the bus stops for dropping the passengers, waiting in a particular bus stop for 15 minutes average are just few examples that I can think of right now. It’s a chaos.
  • Rude people:
    It’s a good day when you don’t find outright rude people while travelling. Be it the pissed off conductor who is shouting at the passengers for not squeezing in the vehicle properly, or be it the passenger who is yelling at the conductor for telling them to squeeze in even though there’s no space. It could be a pissed of traffic police pulling over the vehicle because he can, or it could be a pissed off driver because he’s been pulled off. You see rude people everywhere.
  • Bad music:
    Drivers have horrible taste in music, period. You’re having a good day when they’re tuned into that-radio-station-whose-name-I-completely-have-forgotten which plays some really good songs. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to hear English songs.

4. Judgmental people:
I LOATHE judgmental people. It’s not even like I find them disturbing, it’s that I loathe them! I despise them so much that I hope there’s a special place in hell for people like these. So many times when I am going to eat something, these people would be right up my face saying, “Ew, are you gonna eat that?” or a person would be doing a presentation in the class, clearly nervous and they be like, “I’m sure he hasn’t even prepared for this.” Or a girl walking in the street wearing whatever the fuck they want and these overly critical people are like, “What a hoe!”

5. Catcalling:
“Yes boy, whistle at me like I’m a street dog and shout at me like I’m a piece of meat because it turns me on” said no girl ever. We girls, and sometimes even guys, we see your suggestive glances and risen up voices about some other topic when you’re clearly talking about us. We see that. We notice you. And then we think, “What kinds of douchebags are these fucktards?” It doesn’t make you attractive. It makes you a creep. You’re humiliating yourself and us. Why would you do that? If you find me cute, just come up to me and talk to me like a good person.

Don’t let chivalrous nature die.

You’re harassing me when you call names at me. You’re making me scared of you. But most importantly, you’re annoying as fuck and I would love to cut each of your bone and feed it to my dog.

There are other little annoying things that could be labelled as my pet peeves but these surely do top off that list.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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