My Views On Mainstream Music

February Challenge
Day 6

My Views On Mainstream Music

I’m a fiery little brown girl who loves debating and hates music shaming.

Music is a subjective subject. Everybody has their tastes and dislikes but shaming and hating on someone or a music genre is a complete no-no.

My music taste goes from punk rock to Disney soundtracks and everything in between.

This includes mainstream music aka pop music.

I get it, hipsters wanna-be people; some pop songs just don’t make sense. It has catchy tune and horrible lyrics and somehow that’s making into top 40 lists everywhere and playing in every radio stations available. The artists of those songs are making money and the songs that are brilliant, having meaning and depth to it, are being underrated. It’s a frustrating situation.

But what we often fail to realize is that not every song is supposed to carry deep meaning.

Some songs are just meant to make you feel good, light and dance to it. Some songs are meant to be hard not to sing along because they are that catchy. Some songs are meant to be overplayed in the radio and jammed along with your friends in your road trips.

Other songs are meant to move you and make you stare outside the window while travelling. Some songs are meant to make you go, “Wow!” Some songs are meant to give eargasms. Some are meant to make you worship the artists and go ballistic over how genius of a person that artist is.

Some songs make you shake your hips; some make you twerk; some are made for headbanging; some songs make you create dance moves; some songs make you close your eyes and enter another dimension.

But there is one thing common about music: it makes you feel some way.

A guy “A” could feel happy listening to Brendon Urie’s on point high notes, and another guy “B” could feel the same way listening to Zayn’s high notes. A girl, “C” could feel warm and fuzzy listening to Beatles and girl “D” could feel the same listening to NSYNC. A person “E” could be bobbling their head listening to AC/DC and person “F” could be doing the same to Martin Garrix. A person “G” could feel emotional listening to Ed Sheeran and person “H” can feel the same way listening to Melanie Martinez.

My point is:

It’s not about the music genre; it’s about how music makes you feel.

And if mainstream music makes you feel, then so be it.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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