Bullet My Entire Day

February Challenge
Day 5

Bullet My Entire Day

February 5th 2017, was my 19th birthday. (Yay!)

And this is how it went:

  • I woke up at 4 to be wished by my mom, checked my phone to reply to some wishes by my friends and family, went to pee and then slept again
  • I then finally woke up at 6 A.M.
  • I took a shower.
  • By 7:15 I was already out from home to the temple, because
    birthdays = pujas (the act of worship)

    Materials required for doing a basic puja
  • Then our Newari tradition of giving Sagun.

    Sagun is something given as a good omen in every auspicious occasions. It consist of bara, egg, meat, fish and either alcohol or yogurt.

    This is known as Sukunda which basically is a small lamp to represent good omen and must be kept burning till the event is finished.
  • Up until later at 3 in the afternoon, me and my mom prepared for the “momo party” that was going to happen as later in the evening
  • Then came the highlight of the day:
    Momo Party:

    Momos are basically dumplings
  • Roughly about at 8 P.M. all of our eating business had been finished and the grand entry of cake was next.img_20170205_193400
  • At about 10 P.M. I had finished all the cleaning and clearing stuffs and I was too tired to even open an eye. So I landed into dreamland!

18 sucked to be honest. Graduated high school with literally “I don’t know” stuck into my mouth. As always, learnt new things, made new friends, achieved something nice… Yada yada.. But one thing 18 made me realize was how lucky I am to be a part of this humongous lovely family. I don’t say this often, but I really do appreciate each and every one of you. Moments spent with you like making pulao rice for everyone, momo parties, movie nights, eating lhaphing in Swayambhu, hiking, Pokhara tour, Viber video chats, Baa’s janko ceremony, Da coming home, never a silent moment in the house, constant bickering… Literally every moment I spent with you all are the highlights of my 18th year.

Thank you so much. For all of these… And for today as well.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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