Things I Want To Say To An Ex

February Challenge
Day 4

Things I Want To Say To An Ex

First off, I know this topic is supposed to be on the 5th day. But I thought maybe it makes more sense to bullet out everything I did on my birthday rather than on a plain Saturday.

So, here are the things that I want to say to an ex:

Dear ex,

First off, you’re one of the bad experiences of my life. I didn’t want it to be that way, but it is. You showed me how selfish and manipulative people can be. You showed me how easy it is to lose your essence and yourself in making other happy. You showed how naïve, pathetic and impulsive I was. You made me realize how weak I was and how often I had put a happy façade instead of being myself.

I don’t miss you. I don’t want you back. But saying that, I don’t regret what we had.

Because you showed me what love isn’t and what love is supposed to be. You made me realize that those three words; “I love you” has a deeper meaning that I initially thought. Being with you made me realize that I can’t force myself to love someone just because I’m ought to. You showed me that I deserved something as beautiful as love and how capable you are of loving someone and treating them right; and that is something so admirable about you.

Through our bad experience, somehow you taught me things about myself that I didn’t know. You showed me that I was as human as everyone else, that I have flaws, that I make mistakes. You taught me to stand up for myself and it is okay to think about myself and my happiness sometimes. By being completely ignorant about my feelings and my happiness, you taught me that nobody can understand me more than myself. Being with you made me realize that my happiness and feelings matter. And I am and should be capable of fighting for it, even though sometimes it might hurt others. My confidence and self-love is your gift.

Being with you was an emotional roller-coaster.
I cried, I laughed, I danced, I sang because of you and with you.

You showed me what a real relationship should and should not feel like.

I want to thank you for everything you put me through.

Also, style your hair differently. It’ll make you cuter; I promise.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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