Something That I Feel Strongly About

February Challenge
Day 2

Something That I Feel Strongly About

Something that I feel strongly about is Feminism.

The very first time I encountered the word feminism, was maybe when I was 15. I was fascinated with the idea that men and women are equal. I believed that ideology. I was happy with that statement alone and then I called myself “feminist”.

When I was 16, I thought I didn’t need to call myself “feminist” because for me; men and women are equal. It didn’t need a superficial term because it was a universal truth for me!

Now, I’m 18 and I call myself feminist. Why you ask?

Because I encountered sexism. I have been treated less of a person just because I owned a vagina instead of a dick. It was against my universal truth. I needed to defend my ideology, my belief that men and women are equal.

People living in the West (European and American countries) have it so easy. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why the women living there are fighting for the women rights. What kind of rights do they don’t have? But then, I answer myself, “Had they not been fighting this bravely and openly, a person like me; who lives in the wrong side of the world, would never have any inspiration, any idea about feminism.”

It’s different here. It’s difficult here.

We live in a hypocrite society.

We are told that daughters and son are equal. But every time I bring a cup or a medal and show it to my family, the first thing they say is, “Congratulations!” and it follows by, “You have to make sure that you do your chores equally excellent” as if none of my achievements is good enough if I do not do chores. Every time, if my mom be outside for late, I am expected to make the dinner, but if I’m out then again I am expected to make dinner as well. What about my father? What about my brother? I am frowned upon when my brother cleans the dishes. “Why is your brother doing the dishes when you’re free?” But in my 18 years of living, never have I ever encountered the same question to my brother.

We are told that women can earn and be a part of society as men. But late night jobs are not for decent women. Having better pay check and higher education for girls means that more difficult to find a groom. Who would, in their right mind, hurt the ego of a man? In a family, let us suppose, man and woman, both work. But when they come home, woman is supposed to prepare supper and go directly to the kitchen and the man, well, he’s suppose to rest because he’s worked hard all day to support the family, hasn’t he?

We are told that women are goddess. But we can’t enter the kitchen or do prayers when we have our periods. I am to be seated on the floor, outside of the kitchen to eat. I should not be touched while I’m eating. I should go to the temple, and water the plants. I should not touch my grandfather. We can’t touch the idols of god’s in the temple, regardless of whether or not we’re bleeding because women are impure. The exact reason why there are no female priest in the highest divine temples. Women are ought to keep fasts for their husbands and family but they’re not allowed to read holy books.

My mother and father are equal.

I and my brother are equal.

But when we have to put tika from the priest, “Let your brother go first” even though he’s younger than me just because he’s a boy. Women are to be seated at the end of prayers because men come first.

Men are superior, but women and men are equal.This is hypocrisy!

I need feminism because I know men and women are equal. I need feminism because I know I deserve equal respect and opportunity as my brother. I need feminism because my mom and dad, both are equally responsible for my family’s well being. I need feminism because no man is superior to any woman and no woman is superior to any man, just because of their genitals. I need feminism because I’m sick and tired of these hypocrites living in my society and binding us with these traditions and benevolent sexism.

I am an outspoken feminist and you will always find me defending about the equality and equity between men and women because I feel strongly about it.

Until next time,
Shripa x



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