Five Ways To Win My Heart

February Challenge
Day 1

Five Ways To Win My Heart

Pretty silly topic, isn’t it?

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be something to ponder upon while the V-day is around the corner. It can be completely platonic. Winning a heart over can be a gesture of making a new friendship, bonding over a certain topic or even gaining trust and respect. That is something, in my opinion is winning a heart.

Five ways to win my heart (Trust me; I’m scoffing over how silly this is) :

  1. Chocolates:
    When I say, “chocolates”, I mean business. I love chocolates. There is nothing in this world who gives more comfort, love and warmth like a chocolate. Chocolate is the food equivalent to sleep, at least for me. You give me chocolate, or share my love for chocolates, I’m yours!
  1. Acceptance:
    I am a person who abides by the principle of acceptance and equality regardless of race, gender and sexuality. When someone accepts people for who they are is something so admirable for me. Discrimination in any basis is stupid and utterly disgusting. Accepting people for who they are, their good side and their bad side; this quality is a heart winner for sure. Now, I don’t mean to hamper the room for improvement. I mean, if the things can get better than they already are; that’s brilliant! But intolerance and non-acceptance is something that shows the worse path than there already is.
  1. Passion:
    Passion is something that can drive people into greatness. It can make people work hard, dream more and reach beyond their capabilities. Passion could be in anything: football, politics, music, art, anything! But passion is something so heart capturing. Passion shows that people haven’t lost their hope and dreams; that they could be determined to thrive further. I can’t think of any sexier thing than passion at the moment.
  1. Genuineness:
    Have you ever encountered a moment where you’re speaking or doing something with so much heart and head put into that you’re your absolute self? Or maybe when your best friend is talking about how much she likes this certain celebrity, and you see her eyes lit up and smile wide. Or when she’s crying over a break up and her face is smeared with makeup? These raw moments are so genuine. People rarely show them, show their genuine self, throwing their façade somewhere and be themselves. Nothing is more inspiring than these genuine moments.
  1. Dogs:
    I love dogs. I love everything about them. I love how they wiggle their tails and be so happy when you come home. I love how silly and goofy they are (pun intended). I just love them so much; it makes my heart hurt.

So here was the five ways to win my heart. My first input to the February writing challenge; and I loved every second of writing this.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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