February Challenge

February is here!

My birth month, my favorite month of the year!

There is something about February that makes my heart feel so warm and fuzzy. February has a homely feeling to it.

And to celebrate my birth month, I will be posting blogs DAILY. You’ve heard it right! DAILY!

You might think: Shripa, what are you going to post?


*honesty incoming*

I was finishing up my college applications (which is still not entirely completed yet), but because I was bored, I thought let’s search some quotes on Google images. I am a quote person; I live for it. And like every good quote is on www.pinterest.com.

So I thought maybe I should make an account! And I did!

As I was going through my feed, I saw this image:


All I could think was, “HELL YEAH!”

So let the journey begin!

Also, I’m aware that it’s already 3rd of February. Don’t you worry; my people. By the end of tomorrow, I would be posting all four blogs about the first four days. I know this is kind of different from my usual “social” blogs, but somewhere I’ll make sure to tuck in those elements tightly. I’m really excited for this; for you to find out more about me and for me to know about you. You can always comment about your input in the challenge. And I hope you’ll be a part of it too. For that, don’t forget to follow my blog via email, which you can do by scrolling down… like really really down and you’ll find the option in the footer.

Until then,
Shripa x


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