A Book I Love

February Challenge
Day 3

A Book I Love

A book that I absolutely adore is “Chasing Red” by @isabelleronin ( https://www.wattpad.com/user/isabelleronin ) on wattpad.com.

Link to the book:


It is a kind of cliché book that revolves around two characters: Veronica Strafford and Caleb Lockhart. It is a love story, if you hadn’t guessed it by now. Veronica, other called as Red is a broken college student with a disturbing past and Caleb is the college hunk and absolute gorgeous human being. The two crosses path when they meet for the first time in a club and things go va-va-voom from there.

It’s my absolute favorite book. Why you ask?

  1. Caleb Lockhart:
    Caleb is the first and foremost reason why I love this book so much. He’s not just some handsome hunk like some really cliché book. He is complex character with problems and demons of his own. He is a person with feelings and desires. He is silly and mature, sensitive and warm. He is wonderful. I really don’t have words to explain him. Everything he does, everything he says makes my heart go through rollercoaster. His nature is something that feel so home to me. He is… I don’t know. He is Caleb Lockhart and there is no other way to describe him.
  2. Veronica Strafford:
    All I can say about Red is that I admire her so much. She is a very strong female character. Her life doesn’t revolve around Caleb and that makes her character and her personality so unique and interesting. Her character development throughout the book is fantastic, but she never loses her essence of who she is, throughout the book. You would wish you were Red, except the horrible part.
  3. Plot:
    Dude, if I start talking about the plot, I’m going to spend my whole life saying it. I have read the book 7 times! I know every dialogue, every part, everything! But every time I read the fucking book, it gives me heartaches. I will be left in my bed crying, laughing, squealing and cursing like a retard. This book is an emotional roller-coaster. Every element of the book is well thought of. It is a well written book. It is outstanding. God, I love this book so much.
  4. Cams:
    Oh the wonderful Cam couple (read the book to find out)
  5. Pancake

I was going through a rough phase when I first started reading this book and when I finished it, I starting believing again; in love, in life, and in the phrase that, “everything will be okay”. Caleb is a very intimate character for me. He owns a space in my heart, and I’m not saying this as a typical fangirl way. I’m saying this in a genuine way. I know for a fact that if there was any character who could understand me well; that would be Caleb. Thank you, Isabelle for bringing Caleb into my life. He’s someone I resonate and relate to. Thank you for this book.

Until next time,
Shripa x

Some quotes from the book:


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