Woman: The Biggest Insult


For me, this is not just a misogynist thing to say. Rather it clarifies about the paradox of the patriarchal society.

It’s been few weeks that I’ve been searching all over the Internet about “cool girls” and how these girls are the most adored stereotype amongst the women. Cool girls? Yup, cool girls. Cool girls means I’m hot, funny, brilliant woman who adores getting dirty, loves video games, enjoy burping, gets less offended, is outspoken about her sexuality and never gets angry. Cool girls love to hang out with boys because girls are too girly and too much of a drama to deal. Cool girls are above all hot ones, they’re hot and understanding, charismatic and whatnot. But the main feature of the cool girl that I found in the Internet and was also confirmed from majority of the men I asked personally, is that cool girl isn’t feminine. Rather cool girl is defined as “a dude in hot chick’s body”. The anthem of cool girl is: “Be chill and don’t be a downer. Act like a dude and look like a supermodel. ”

Cool right? ( no pun intended)

A girl like a dude. A girl that has masculinity. The most desirable type of women by society is the woman who is like a man. Click something? See the paradox?

If you can’t see it, let’s take an example of a feminine man.

He’s called faggot, pussy and other gay slurs just because he’s more feminine and not “manly” enough. He is disrespected and called out names for just being having stereotypically female characteristic. In the patriarchal society it doesn’t matter who you are, whether a girl or a guy. But If you’re like a girl irrespective of your sex, then you’re the downer and if you’re more like a guy then you’re cool.

I started my rant with the fancy words like misogynist and paradox of the patriarchal society.
Well, I end my rant with another paradox of the patriarchal society .

Until next time,
Shripa x


Poem that I really loved and is similar to this:


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