What can a teenage girl possibly dream about?

Besides the obvious of having to meet or maybe befriend their celebrity crush…

  • A good home
  • some trustworthy friends
  • supportive family
  • good grades
  • figured out future
  • a cute guy to call yours

…and what?

As I’m thinking of what else do other teenage girls like myself could possibly dream about, there’s this part of me that doesn’t necessarily agrees with the question. And it wants to be rebel and do something that I hate: answer a question with a question.

And the question here is: What cannot a teenage girl dream about?

Usually I get really cranky when someone answers the question with a question. But right now, I can’t help but to think about the answer my rebel part has questioned.

So, I did the most reasonable thing when you’re in doubt: Googled it!

And I was answered with teenage fetishes, wet dreams, love dreams and the true meaning of your dream. Trust me, I’m shuddering as I’m writing and kind of sweating too

Just to be clear it’s because of the heat and not because I read any of those unhelpful articles.

Google didn’t help much so I turned back to my good ol’ trusty brain.

After all, I’m a girl that too running in my teen. I had a good experience of 6 years into this unbalanced beam balance between adulthood and childhood. It is kind of difficult to maintain that straight line but the bumpiness is where the excitement lies.

That’s what he said

Ignore the previous comment made by the pervert part of me.

Where was I? Ooh, dreams!

So, I asked myself what I dream about; what I wish for.

Well, except hugging Brendon Urie and Justin Bieber… and all the things I mentioned earlier.

I wished for a listener. A friend or someone whom I could have a conversation with. My dream has always been to engage in a good conversation with anyone and feel good about it. The conversation doesn’t necessarily have to be about 3 am thought or how quantum physics work or something between the lines of Shakespearean tragedy. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just I suck at physics and don’t know any Shakespearean plays and I love sleep so I’d probably be dreaming at 3 am. But, it could be about how someone liked their tea or how they find their crush undeniably attractive or how they think they could change people’s thinking or how they think that we humans are a part of the stars. It could be anything if it’s an interesting conversation.

The fact that I’m a huge extrovert, a writer and a person who lacks a listener in life lured me into the life of blogger. The life where you’re given a platform to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings and not have this doubt in your head of whether or not the person you’re venting out on actually wants to listen.

So here I am, with my first blog post, totally a noob on how this WordPress-thing works, not necessarily a noob in writing and some cool, personal, stupid, thought provoking and nerdy stuff to share.

Lastly, a quote that I’d like to share before this ends…


I’d love to hear what you guys thought about my blog and send me some feedback here as comments.

Until next time,
Shripa x


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